I am even a "person concerned", I always perceived me as a little bit  "crazy" and spoke in the future only with few dedicated persons of my confidence about that.  It first changed in 1997, when  a scientific treatise helped me to a free contact with this gift, in that it gave my craziness a name: 

"Synesthesia" is the magic word - and persons with "multimedia in the soul" are human beings, for which colors sound, feelings have a form, tones and characters are illuminate - or (worst case) have to smell words.  Prof. Dr. Hinderk Emrich and Karen Trocha had been the authors of the article, leading a German studies group at the medical university Hanover to the investigation of the synesthesia.  

Some years ago, it was one of two thousand persons, that brain forms from birth on numbers, letter or tones colorful and let them see it spatially or define taste with a color and form, today a BBC-study has belaid, that probably one of hundred peoples has this brain connection.  But nevertheless the number of those with which one can speak about that is not high; at best you get a spezial kind of smile, if the other part isnt also a synesthet. 

For artist is it an enrichment in his creativity, look at paintings of Wassily Kandinsky, or read Theophile Gautier.  There are therefore more of us, than is supposed. 

All out of love

Classical Gas

I do feel now with a red "four" or a black blue "o" in front of  a dark background also no longer so alone.  To be sure: it was for my brain memory already always an extremely comfortable enrichment to retained number groups or sentences on the basis of its color composition. 

In addition each heard tone not only possesses a color, but rather automatically a form, that - by the way, without that a synesthet could disengage that - permanently flows in my internal eye.  He who could see me in a room relaxed in an armchair, how I enjoy music per earphone, would be surprised over my eye movement behind the closed lid: I pursue myself the film, that I see at the same time in all three dimensions – sensorsurround with 360°.   

These Words


As a matter of course music fulfills the room while I am creativly active.  In the processing of these impressions pictures emerge in composition and color that transfer the tones, how I see it before my mental eye.  My musical hear-bandwidth is large, but if I reject a piece, then because I find the intellectual picture repulsive or I dont like the "color" of the instruments or voices.  Musical forms are three-dimensional in modern music - this naturally impedes the conversion on a two-dimensional canvas, but makes the challenge the more exciting.  

Conceptual I connected synesthesia and painting in order to make it "comprehensibly".  The picture "Corrente" for example, a music piece is out of the CD "Adiemus III" and transfers the mood, the voices and its coloring to me, "These Words", a title from Natasha Bedingfield, it is about  a confusingly deep background acoustics, "Half Past Time" is the conversion of "The Lady of Shalott" of Loreena McKennitt.  The music transferred me into a kind of „more or less-past time“, the clear quiet of the song and  -above all - the voice of the singer defines the light area within the earthen colors.    


Half past time

Lean on me


As a member of the "writing guild", I live my second passion.  Therefore it is not remarkable that I generate my "text composition" with its color value; this "sound picture" must accord before my mental eye - however - this time in the color harmony of the characters. 


For „Youth is searching“, regional-rank, I was available for the „synesthesia-project“ of Aline Heckert - as a living „demonstration material“ - with her further comprehensive investigations she won the 1st price and got chance of further representation on the next rank!

Exposition Synesthesie 2005: 
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Fotos: Dr. Alexandra Dittmar und Dr. Jasmin Sinha